Top Tips to Make Your Pool Sparkle

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, you will indeed be able to enjoy the hot weather by lazing – or swimming – in the cool water whenever you feel like it. You can also relax poolside while you watch the children enjoy the fresh air and sunshine jumping in and out of the pool all the while.

However, once you’ve build a pool from one of the best pool builders and with the delights of a pool come the responsibility of keeping it clean so it will be a healthy environment for you and the children to play in. Water that is static will always be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why those pool chemical have to be used. But even these can have a difficult job to keep your pool water sparkling because of the variable conditions.


Wind and rain can both have an effect on your pool water. The run-off from rain can dilute the chemicals in the water so it is no longer enough to eliminate bacteria. The wind can blow debris such as dust, leaves, sticks and dirt into the pool. These organic products begin to decay immediately, changing the PH of the water.

This is why it is essential to keep an eye on the pool and make sure the levels of chemicals are correct. It is also necessary to clean the pool of added debris every day. This may seem onerous, but kids often like to do the job. Besides, you can buy a robotic vacuum cleaner that trundles around the bottom of the pool doing all the hard work. Debris can also accumulate in the filter, so it is important to clean that out often.

The sun can also evaporate the water, causing it to have a higher concentration of chemicals that it should have. That is why it is essential to test the pool every day.


Swimmers also tend to splash water out of the pool and to tread debris into the water. The bacteria on their skin is washed into the water, and this too, changes the chemical levels, especially after a party when the pool was full of people.

The walls of the pool need to be scrubbed down every fortnight, especially the top edge where the surface of the water is slowly evaporating. It leaves bacteria on the waterline that grow and increase if not scrubbed off.

Shock treatment

If your pool water becomes cloudy or murky it is a sign that something must be done about water clarity. Never use the pool in this condition as it is caused by bacteria. Shock treatment refers to increasing the chlorine levels in the pool for a short time. Increase the normal amount of chlorine by up to six times, dilute it with water and pour it into the return line of the pool. It will then filter throughout the pool water, killing the bacteria and cleaning the water. After a few hours you can refill the pool with more water.