Tips for Car Travel with Children

Tips for Car Travel with Children-min

Travelling long distances in the car with children can be less than pleasant because kids love to move around rather than sit for long hours. They get bored and restless sitting in their car seats so it is up to the parents to find some way of entertaining them. This is easier to do these days with the technology that is available.

Older children can listen to their music or watch a DVD, but there are other things they can do when they get sick of that. Games such as counting certain coloured cars or writing down place or river names are interesting to older children. Puzzle books or colouring in can also be a good choice so long as the road is bitumen and not a bumpy, dirt road.

But if your children are still toddlers it can be difficult to amuse them. Here are some tips to keep them happy in the car: –

    • Take along their favourite soft toy and make sure they can reach it.
    • Take plenty of snacks and drinks and make sure you have tissues, wipes and a clean nappy handy.
    • Dress the child appropriately so they are not too hot or cold. Most modern cars are warm to ride in even in the winter.
    • Have the child’s favourite music playing, but not too loudly.
    • Stop often to give children of all ages a break even if it makes the trip longer. Plan the trip to visit parks in several towns.
    • Stopping at a park or a play centre will give them a chance to run around and stretch their legs without getting lost.
    • Have a new toy kept especially for the trip, making sure it has no small pieces that can get lost.
    • Keep sugary treats to a minimum as sugar makes most kids a bit hypo and they cannot let off steam in the car.
    • Fruit and sandwiches are good choices for the car. Yoghurt and easy to eat snacks are suitable for when you stop.
  • If you have two children that tend to argue, stack up rugs and cushions between their car seats. Make sure each one has their own ‘stuff’ within easy reach.
  • Older children will appreciate having a bag with all their goodies in it. This can also help keep games and things contained so they don’t fall out of the car when the door is opened.
  • Take extra dummies.
  • Take pain-killers and child medication for fever in case they get sick.
  • If your children get car sick, make sure you take a container with a lid. Dosing them with car-sick pills before the trip is better still.

With these tips your car trip with the children should be much more pleasant.