Shared Custody After Divorce – A Growing Trend

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Shared Custody

As our society evolves more and more parents are adopting a new policy when it comes to fighting for child custody after they divorce: collaboration.  The old model of the weekend dad born from generations of rising divorce rates is giving way to a more thoughtful, and healthy form of parenting.  Family lawyers are also jumping on board with these new ideas.

Even lawmakers are getting in on this trend.  In many jurisdictions, the legislatures are considering bills that would encourage shared parenting or even make it the legal presumption in divorces.

One particular law this year made joint physical custody and equal parenting time standard for temporary orders while a divorce was finalized.  One governing body passed a law mandating equal time for parents in custody plans.  Others are considering laws requiring equal parenting time as a starting point when considering parent arrangements.

As lawmakers respond to the appeal of gender equality the legal push for equal time among parents is gaining strength.  Fathers say that without equality they become alienated from their children and overburdened with disproportionate support obligations.  There is a new constituency of men emboldened by the argument that they are being shortchanged.