3 Advantages of Moving Offices

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Business owners whose business is conducted in offices will realise that it is not always advantageous to remain where you started up. Often, a start-up office has been chosen with budget constraints in mind and will therefore be out of the main CBD. But once the business has become established you will find that a better location will have many advantages.

  1. For a start, you may need more room to expand as you increase staff or if your business takes a different turn, such as adding a partner or taking on peripheral work. With such expansion comes the need for more office space to house the added equipment and staff. Your first office may have only contained yourself and your computer so more is required.
  2. Certain locations will be easier for your demographic to find. Most people go to the CBD to find what they need when it comes to business. Such central locations often have easier access, for instance, an elevator instead of stairs, and better parking facilities for your clients.
  3. There is a certain amount of prestige associated with locations in the CBD. The decor of the offices there will reflect this and it is part of what draws in more clientele. Once your business is set up in such an office it reassures people that you are a bone fide, trustworthy person to do business with.

That brings us to the problem of having to physically move the office.  Office equipment must be handled with care as computers,  printers and other components can be easily damaged. Then there are all those connections that have to be pulled apart and reconnected in the new offices. You don’t let just anyone do this kind of removal.

Why professional removalists are best

Professional removalists have the training needed to ensure all your office equipment is packed up carefully and reconnected properly in your new offices. They offer special packing and wrapping services that ensure nothing can come loose and fall off and that all the cords remain with the equipment they belong to. (more…)