3 Ways to Make Moving into Your New Home Easier

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Moving into Your New Home Easier

People often think that moving out of their home to another location is the biggest hassle ever, what with all the packing and arrangements that have to be made. But when they go through the move they realise that moving into a new home is almost as bad as moving out of the old one.

One of the reasons for this is that there is no time limit. When moving out you set a day and have to work towards getting everything done by then. But once you have moved in you tend to relax and put off unpacking – and that means you live in a mess for weeks, not knowing where vital belongings got to and tripping over half-unpacked boxes. Here are 3 ways to make moving in easier

The best way to label moving boxes

Label the boxes with numbers or letters, then write the exact contents of each into a writing pad or exercise book. Or you can just write something like, “Contents of laundry cupboard” or whatever. It is best not to describe in detail what is in each box on the carton itself. For a start, it’s hard to see when the cartons are stored together, and it becomes easier for potential burglars to pick out which ones to steal.

Keeping essentials together by room

Another way to make unpacking easier is to write the room on each box and get your professional home removalists to take the boxes into the rooms they belong to. That way, everything you need will at least be in the right room and your back will not ache so much when you don’t have to drag boxes around. (more…)