10 Common Myths About Separation And Divorce

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10 Common Myths About Separation And Divorce

Given that a divorce is something that most people will never experience, or if they do, it will be once, it is understandable that knowledge of family law relating to separation and divorce will be extremely limited. This is why the most sensible action for anyone going through a divorce is to seek the services of an experienced family lawyer.

It is also a reason why there are so many myths in circulation concerning divorce. To be fair, it may not just be due to ignorance of divorce law, as often divorce cases are depicted on TV and in movies as having more legal wrangling than most ever are in reality. So, to clear up some of the confusion, here are 10 myths relating to divorce and separation.

Assets Are Always Divided 50/50: The division of assets within a property settlement must be fair but that does mean that everything is given a value, and each party receives half. It should be based on fairness and future needs, including the care of any children.

Divorces Are Always Settled In Court: Whilst a court will grant the final divorce via consent orders, if the couple has agreed to all financial matters and those relating to their children, then the case is not heard in a courtroom.