How to Make Your Bed and Breakfast Business More User Friendly

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Bed and Breakfast Business

Providing breakfast in the garden is a unique way to make your B&B more user friendly. Outside furniture in a nook amongst the garden greenery is an ideal place to serve breakfast on a warm summer day.

Many people start up a bed & breakfast accommodation business when they have a nice home with plenty of spare bedrooms.  They get a website designed to show off their property. The smart ones will then get some SEO done on their website to get it ranking high on Google when potential guests search for accommodation online.

People often prefer to stay at a B&B because they can talk to the local person and get more personalised knowledge of the area they are passing through. They can often find out about hidden treasures that are not on any tourist map or advertised widely enough for everyone to know about them.

Some people arrive at such accommodation late in the evening, often after the evening meal eaten elsewhere and they go early in the morning after a quick breakfast. Others like to linger a little longer to enjoy the scenery or a chat with their hostess.  If you have a B&B business, you can make your guests’ stay more enjoyable by adding an outdoor setting to the garden for them to sit and relax, or even have their breakfast at.