Removalist Challenges

Removalist Challenges

If moving is stressful for humans, think just how hard it might be on other things that live in your home. There is a lot to think about and plan when you are relocating to a new home. How much time it will take to pack, the cost, the removalist you hire,  and how it will affect the rest of the family and pets.

Difficult Items to Move

Your home has been you treasure chest for possibly years, and some of the items that you have accumulated will include some that are difficult to move. If you don’t plan properly, these items can sneak in under your guard and be forgotten until the last moment…moving day.

Some of the things you need to consider when planning to move these items are:

Surviving – Plants and pets are living things and may require some extra thought to ensure they survive the move.

Fragile – Your glassware, electronic goods like TV’s, stereos and computers, expensive china and crockery have to be packed properly and labelled as “Fragile”.

Heavy and Funny Shaped stuff – Heavy furniture and appliances may have to come through small doorways or be carried downstairs, and around tight corners.

Special items – If you possess guns and rifles they will require permits and registration. Make sure you do that well before you move. If you use a removalist’s guide and checklist, then these difficult to move items can be done properly.


Your indoor, potted and house plants have been happily living at your old address. They don’t usually like to be transported around on the back of a truck. They don’t like changes in the temperature. You have to make sure they survive the trip.

Tips on Moving Your Plants

  • Potted plants should be re-potted in a plastic pot so that they weigh less and are easier to move.
  • Give them a good going over and remove dead bits and get rid of hitchhiker bugs and pests living on the plant.
  • Give them a small drink of water on the morning of the move and then let the soil dry during the day.
  • Pack the smaller plants in cardboard boxes with dividers if you have a few in one box. Pack them so they are not moving around during transport.
  • When you arrive at your new destination, unpack and then place your plants in an area that has natural light.
  • Wait a couple of weeks to transfer them back into terracotta pots.