Patios, Paths and Putting Greens

Landscape Design

If you want the best result from your landscape design, then paying attention to detail will help you achieve that goal. Especially if you are to be working with stonework.

Paths to Nowhere
It’s all about imagination and design to have a beautifully constructed stone walkway meandering through your backyard, joining your home to your beautiful patio, a place where you host amazing outdoor dinner parties. Think about the durability of well-constructed stone steps that descend from your home to the back lawn. If you have a beautiful garden, build elegant paths in the backyard so you can stroll through the garden any time to relax.
Add some kerb appeal to your home with a paved driveway and/or path that leads to your front door.

What backyard is complete without a patio? Your garden needs a well-designed patio: bright colours, with plants and flowers that mesh with the rest of your property and suit the local climate. Exciting garden projects ensure a seamless blend of landscape and hardscape. To enjoy the outdoors to the max, your patio can be fitted with an outdoor kitchen, perhaps a fire pit for those cooler nights, a BBQ and comfortable seating areas.

Retaining Walls
Don’t let a sloping block prevent you from completing your landscaping vision. Build retaining walls that will ensure all of your backyard can be utilised effectively as well as adding visual appeal to the property.

Landscape Lighting for Effect…
Landscaping includes effective lighting so you can highlight your favourite areas. Install lighting for the walkways and paths so family and guests can negotiate their way safely. You can opt for so many different effects for areas like the pool, the decking, and the patio. Don’t go for glare and create an eyesore, the keyword is ‘elegant’ to illuminate the outdoors.

…and Security
Landscape lighting also increases your security. Landscape lighting doesn’t just light up specific areas, but also helps to deter intruders who love the cover of darkness to carry out their criminal operations. Well-designed landscape lighting lights up your garden as well as protects your property.

Putting Green? Seriously?
Imagine having an outdoor space where you can improve your golf game, and not sacrifice your lawn. With a bit of ingenuity, knowledge and some creative landscaping, you can make this happen. You may want to hire a landscape gardener, or if you have the confidence, do it yourself. Have a putting and chipping area that blends in with your existing surroundings.
These areas can be built using natural grass, but the upkeep can be quite a lot of work. Look at the options with artificial putting greens that look so real that your neighbours will want to replace their lawns with it.
There are a few companies out there who can give you expert direction about installation of a chipping and putting area.

The Wrap
Your landscaping project is limited only by your imagination…and your golfing prowess. Landscaping is a way to turn your house into a home, inside and out.