Nets and Their Many Uses

If you were to ask 100 people to name a type of net, given that recently we seem to be living much of our lives online, we are sure a large percentage would say the internet! Joking aside, it is likely that even if they were told we meant the type of nets you can get from specialist netting suppliers, many would struggle to go beyond ‘fishing’ and we dare say some might even say ‘curtains’.

The fact is, if you were to sit down and list every type of net you could think of you would likely end up with quite a long list, and that list would extend further if you were to include all the ways in which a net can be used. This is due to the fact that whilst a net might have been produced for a specific use, the versatility that is inherent in a net means it could be used for other reasons.

We are sure that netting which was designed for use as a pet enclosure has been used to secure the items in the back of a pickup, and also many a discarded fishing net, has been commandeered and strung up in a garden for children to climb and play on. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these changes in use nor indeed using any net for a different purpose than its original one, provided that it is done safely.

This brings us back to our original question about the main uses of nets. We are sure you know some, but nevertheless here are the details of the many uses that net manufacturers produce nets for their clients and customers.

Commercial Fishing: The oldest net ever discovered, dating back to the stone age is a fishing net. The main differences between modern fishing nets are their overall size and the mesh size which will vary depending on the type of fish that is being caught.

Safety Nets: Used in a number of scenarios, but most commonly in the construction industry where they are used to catch workers who might have fallen, and tools or machinery which has been dropped, obviously to prevent them hitting others below.

Cargo Nets: Larger cargo nets are used in commercial settings such as airports, warehouses, and distribution, whereas smaller versions can be used by individuals to secure items in the back of pickup trucks, for example.

Sports Nets: These vary greatly in terms of their dimensions and their uses, obviously because of the diversity of sports they are used in. Nets for practicing sports also fall into this category with a prime example being cricket nets.

Pet Enclosures: For pet owners, and primarily cat and dog owners, these provide the means for them to give their pet their very own outside space where they can play, rest, eat, drink and sleep. They can come in a variety of sizes and can be prefabricated or portable.

Animal Control: Whilst pets are wanted, these nets can either be for unwanted animals or to keep animals from entering areas that might be harmful to them. Examples include pest control nets to keep out the likes of rats and foxes and netting to protect farmers’ crops from birds.

Marine Nets: This covers a wide range of nets that are used on ships, boats, and other vessels within both the commercial and the military sectors. Net suppliers provide marine nets for mooring, security, climbing, cargo, and ladders to name but a few uses.