Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

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There are many things to consider when designing a bathroom, especially when you have kids. With a little human in the home, life is a little different, which creates the need for Kid-friendly bathrooms. First think about storage. Kids have their own towels, toys and things for bath time. If you can include a colourful toy box or cabinet just for storing your child’s belongings, it’ll be easier to encourage putting things away.

Then there is the all-important toilet in Kid-friendly bathrooms. From potty to normal toilet is a big step for a small child so a transition toilet is a great idea. And don’t forget the sound of your toilet seat. Little humans tend to let them drop so a seat with a silencer or at least the appropriate padding is a great idea.

There are simple design steps which are a great investment in safety of Kid-friendly bathrooms. Taps which delay or prevent scalding water – anti-scald valves – are a sound investment. Steps up to a bath make life so much easier for all concerned. Non-slip tiles are a safety essential and as far as cleaning goes, larger tiles mean fewer grout lines which have to be cleaned.

Towel rings are easier to manage than rails. D-handles are better than knobs especially for young fingers and hands. The whole aim is to have a transitional bathroom, include features which help children but which can be replaced and re-jigged as your youngsters grow up and learn to handle the bathroom all by themselves.

Everything can be done in the design stage. Drawers and towel rings and surfaces at the right height which can be replaced or adjusted as junior becomes senior. And of course never forget the appearance factor as well. Tiles or wallpaper with a child in mind can add real colour and interest to that special place – making bath time and teeth brushing an enjoyable time in Kid-friendly bathrooms.