How to Make a Bathroom Child-Friendly

How to Make a Bathroom Child-Friendly

Even though you will ultimately be carrying out bathroom renovations for yourself, it’s worth factoring your family into the decision-making process. The more they are catered for, the more convenient your bathroom will be for everyone – including families with children who may purchase your property. So, what makes a bathroom child-friendly? Some of the following things just might.

Double Vanities
Two vanities or a Jack and Jill sink can add much convenience to the average family bathroom, especially if there is only one bathroom in your home.

Rather than have to wait for the kids to brush their teeth, you can brush yours at the same time. Sure, you now have two sinks to clean, but you now have double the functionality, which ultimately makes up for that minor inconvenience. 

Pullout Steps
Most bathroom vanities are not designed for young children – but we still want to encourage youngsters to wash their hands. Rather than storing bulky plastic stools in your bathroom, consider investing in custom vanities with pullout steps. These are tucked away in the kickboard area of the cabinet – out of sight. With one pull, they can become a functional and safe stool for kids to use. 

Bathroom Hooks
With a large family, you’ve likely got several towels making their way into your washing basket each week. Your bathroom probably looks like a bomb went off in it every time someone takes a shower. 

By installing hooks in your new bathroom, you can then encourage everyone to have a hook each. When they are finished with their towel, they can hang it up and keep the bathroom tidy

Storage Baskets
Many parents have experienced the embarrassment of removing armfuls of bath toys from the bath before guests can use it themselves. As many older bathrooms lack storage, this can be a consideration in your new bathroom design.

If you are adding a floating vanity to your bathroom, purchase storage baskets to go underneath it. These can be the perfect space to store bath toys after each splash session with the kids. 

Bursts of Colour
If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle with your young children about bath time, there are small things you can do to make it a more exciting experience for them. 

You can add funky shower curtains if you have a shower over your tub. Or, you can add vibrant accessories the kids are bound to love, like stick-on toys around the tub, bright towels, and even funky plastic stools they might use to access tall vanities. By adding colourful accessories, you don’t have to worry about making questionable paint decisions. 

Add a Shower Bench
One of the hardest decisions people make when they are undertaking a bathroom renovation is whether or not they should have a bath. When the kids are young, it can be quite convenient. However, they won’t be young forever.

Instead, you could add features to your shower that make it more child-friendly in a subtle way, such as a bench. A shower bench installed into the design can make it easier for parents to shower children – and even pets. 

Even though you aren’t going to renovate your bathroom with just your children’s needs in mind, it’s helpful to at least consider features that could make life easier. Any of these above may be worth finding out more about.