How to Hire a Great DJ


DJ hire may be a simple matter for a person who goes to a lot of parties. They would soon get to know who the best DJ was. They could then take the details of the one they liked best and contact them whenever they were organising a party or event that needed the services of the DJ. But what about a person who had not gone to many parties and didn’t know who to hire? Here are some tips for you if you are in that category.

  • Ask friends and family if they know of a good DJ and why they liked them.

  • Look on the Internet for a company that offers DJ services, then see what details they have on their website. The website must look professional and give details of how the DJ will present himself. If you are hosting a black tie dinner, you don’t want the DJ in jeans and T-shirt.
  • Interview the DJ in person. This will give you a great idea of their personality, their voice appeal and how they can move the crowd to do what they want. These are necessary attributes because the DJ is actually responsible for getting the party to rock and ensuring everything gets done by the time to go home. This is especially necessary for weddings.
  • Once you have narrowed down the choice to 2 or 3 DJs, ask if they have a DVD of them in action that you can listen to. If they don’t, find out where you can see them perform and go there, even if you just stand at the door and watch for a while.
  • Find out what music they have and how much of it. This is important because they need to have a great variety. If they don’t, it could mean they only DJ specific events such as weddings.
  • Find out what their sound system and so forth is like, and how many speakers they have. If you are hosting a party in a large venue, one small speaker won’t be enough.
  • Naturally enough, find out what they charge per hour so you can be sure of keeping within your budget. They may charge per event instead of per hour, which is even better, especially if your event will be a long one.
  • Also ask them what breaks they require during the event. Some breaks are ok, but you don’t want them off just as much as they are on. Sitting there playing songs is not all that hard physically.

Once you’ve chosen two favourites, pick the best and ask him if he is available on the date of your event. If he is not, you can then ask your second favourite.