How to Clean Your Pool with Minimum Effort


Many people love their swimming pools and enjoy the lifestyle they have created by installing it. Swimming is a healthy exercise, but what is in the water is not necessarily good for your health. Pool cleaners don’t have to be chemicals that can be bad for your health. For instance, robotic pool cleaners quietly get on with the job and don’t put any kind of chemical into the water. You can clean your pool with minimum effort using automatic pool cleaners.

It’s bad enough that most pools contain chlorine to combat the bacteria that grows there.Chlorine  has been used for many years in pools, yet it is a suspected carcinogen and it has been proven by studies done in Belgium that many children exposed to the chlorine in swimming pools developed asthma, rashes and other allergies.

Another problem with chlorine is that when mixed with urine and sweat, it forms another irritant called trichloramine which is believed to damage the cellular barrier protecting the lungs. It was found that even people who just sat by the public pool and didn’t swim had high levels of this chemical in their bloodstream. So it’s not just the chlorine in the water that’s the problem, but the gas that is released from it that people nearby inhale.

Of course, a pool at home is not going to have the same amount of human organic waste in it as a public pool, but little children can still accidentally urinate in the pool and even if they didn’t, there is still that chlorine in it to cause any number of health problems. Why use it when there are safer alternative available? At least one alternative that was developed in Australia outperformed chlorine when it was tested before release.

Unfortunately, many so-called pool experts consider chlorine to be the only way to keep that pool water free of bacteria. In fact, there are other ways that are much more environmentally friendly. If you are thinking of installing a pool do some online research to find the alternatives to having chlorine in the water.

Some of these alternatives have low maintenance requirements meaning you can basically ‘set and forget’ them. Since cleaning the pool has traditionally taken quite a lot of time and energy, finding something that is easy to use while still being efficient is a big relief.  You’ll have more time to enjoy life while avoiding chemicals that can endanger your health and the environment.

When your pool water is sparkling clean and contains no harmful chemicals you will have peace of mind that you and your family will be much healthier. And you will be doing your bit for the environment.