How to Choose Carpet Cleaners for the Home or Work Premises


When your carpet starts to look a bit grubby you know it is time to call in someone like brilliance cleaning. However, it will pay you to choose them carefully, just as you would take care in choosing a builder for your home. You want the cleaners who do the best job, but there are several other criteria to be aware of when making your choice.

  • Not all professional carpet cleaners use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Why is this important? It is an easy way to do your bit to save the environment, but in fact, it also saves your health. Many chemicals emit toxic fumes or cause allergies when your skin contacts the carpet.

  • The equipment they use should also be up to scratch. Some cleaners have all the equipment on the back of their truck and only the hose goes into the house. Industrial equipment such as this does the best job, however, if your apartment is in a high-rise, smaller equipment will need to be taken up there.
  • You want to know that the cleaners you choose are properly trained. You would not choose a builder who was unlicensed or untrained. Getting the carpets cleaned might not seem as important, but when you have to pay someone to do a job you want to know it is done properly, so choose fully trained cleaners with a Certificate 3 in carpet cleaning.
  • The cleaners will be in your home for some hours. You want to know that they are trustworthy. Professional cleaners should always be screened to ensure you and your home are safe.
  • Safety and security are also essential for the workplace, since many of the files there must be kept confidential. Knowing the staff have been screened will give you peace of mind that they won’t try to steal any files that contain private information.
  • Insurance is an important component of the whole. Workers without insurance are not truly professionals. Accidents can happen and you don’t want to be sued to pay for it. If they have insurance it will be covered.
  • Being reliable is another important attribute. If you book a cleaning time you want to know it will happen on the day and time that is set, otherwise your whole schedule can be thrown out. Ask friends and neighbours who they chose and if they were happy with them. Word of mouth is a great way to get cleaners who will do the best job.

Once you consider all these components and make sure they are in place, carpet cleaning day should go ahead without any hitches and all you will have to do is enjoy your nice, fresh carpets.