How a Fence Adds Security and Value to Your Home


My Fenced in World
When I bought my new house in a nice little community, I discovered what life was like with a wooden privacy fence…and the maintenance that comes with it.

My little backyard with its hardy trees and pretty flowerbeds was great for me and the butterflies that visited. But mowing the grass? Not really. But it’s nice being in my own little world that is what you get with having a privacy fence.

Why have a fence?
Landscapers advises clients that the most practical reason is that it marks out the perimeter of your property. Your fence can also make your yard feel like an extension of your home. It’s provides a safe place for the kids and the dog to play, and when you have an event like a BBQ, you can show off your landscaping and gardening skills.

When deciding on a fence, the first thing to consider is the reason you want one installed, is it to add to your landscape design or for security purposes? Once you have found the reason, the next question is: How much are you wanting to spend on it? Costs vary, depending on the area that needs enclosing, and the materials on which you have decided. The beauty about fencing is the wide variety of materials and what best fits your budget, lifestyle and property.

Fence Materials
Timber fencing is really popular these days. They don’t cost an arm and a leg (depending on the type of wood), and they have a warm look and add an aesthetic charm to your home and the neighbourhood. A privacy fence in wood is popular in new neighbourhoods, but other timber options are out there like the classic picket fence, or the post and rail for larger properties.
Treated pine is both popular and cheap. It’s made to resist rotting and pests, it’s strong and budget friendly. The availability and cost of the different types of wood may vary depending on where you live.

Installation and Maintenance
Plain wood can be stained to bring out the natural timber grains. Staining also adds to the life of the fence, but the staining job needs to be done every two or three years, depending on the product and just how well your fence stands up to the weather.

Maintenance to the fence posts is the secret to a long life fence. The rotting of the wood where it is in the ground can cause warping or splitting of the timber. Proper installation will help keep your fence standing, especially during strong winds.

Alternate Materials
Vinyl or PVC fencing is gaining in popularity. It’s versatile and durable. You can get the material in a variety of colours and styles, even the classic white picket fence that looks like the timber version.

If you want the elegant, classic look to offset your landscaping, then ornamental aluminium or steel fencing is the way to go. Aluminium is extremely durable and resistant to rust. These materials are a good substitute for wrought iron as they are more cost effective but look the same.

Chain link is always popular, but it’s a choice that will go with the backyard, the neighbourhood and the size.