Facts You Must Understand Before Applying For A Parent Visa

Facts You Must Understand Before Applying For A Parent Visa

Australia has many appeals for those who live overseas and who wish to live here. However, as with any other country, Australia, does have an open door policy allowing everyone and anyone to live, work or study here. Instead, several requirements and eligibility criteria must be met. This applies to all visa types, including Australian work visas and parent visas. If a parent visa is something you are considering, here are facts about them you must know.

Who A Parent Visa Is For

In simple terms, a parent visa is for parents who wish to join their children who already live in Australia. The children of a parent seeking a visa must meet one of three criteria: 1) Australian Citizen, 2) Permanent Resident of Australia, or 3) New Zealand Citizen.

Different Classifications Of Parent Visa

There are a range of parent visa types and subclasses depending on the individual’s circumstances, and whether they wish to stay permanently or not. Here are the details for each of them:

Subclass 884: Contributory Aged Parent Visa

This is a temporary parent visa that lasts for 2 years. The applicant’s age must be that of the Australian state pension age, currently in Australia, and not currently within the application process for the parent visa subclass 870.

Subclass 173: Contributory Parent Visa

This is a temporary parent visa that lasts for 2 years. There are no age requirements for this visa, however, applicants must pass the “Balance of Family” test, nor can they hold or be applying for the subclass 870 parent visa.

Subclass 804: Aged Parent Visa

This parent visa allows the person to stay permanently in Australia provided they meet the age requirement (Australian state pension age) and not have applied for the subclass 870 visa.

Subclass 864: Contributory Aged Parent Visa

This allows the applicant to live permanently in Australia, plus they can also work and study here. However, the age requirement does apply to this visa and the individual must not have applied for the 870 subclass visa.

Subclass 143: Contributory Parent Visa

This is another visa that allows a parent to live permanently in Australia. No age requirement applies but the “Balance of Family” test does. The caveat about not applying for the 870 subclass visa also applies.

Subclass 103: Parent Visa

A permanent visa allowing a parent to live in Australia that has no specific requirements other than that the applicant meets all usual visa conditions, follows Australian Law, and has not applied for the subclass 870 visa.

What A Each Parent Visa Subclass Entitles You To

Apart from whether they are permanent or temporary each subclass of parent visa gives the individual who holds it, several entitlements. Here is a brief outline of what these entitlements are, and which subclasses they apply to.

Temporary Residence For Up To 2years: 884, 173

Permanent Residence: 804, 864, 143, 103

Right To Work Or Study In Australia: 884 and 173 have that entitlement but no government support will be provided. Of the permanent subclasses, it is 864.

Right To Sponsor Other Overseas Family Members To Live In Australia: 804, 143, 103

Access To Australia’s Medicare Public Health Scheme: 864

Right To apply For Australian Citizenship: 804, 143, 103

Eligibility Requirements Of Parent Visas

Apart from the status of the children of the applicant being a requirement, there are further criteria that must be met. These can relate to the person’s age, whether they are currently in or outside Australia, assurances of support from family, whether they have applied for other visas and passing the “balance of family” test. This is a test relating to how many of the parent’s children or step-children meet eligibility in terms of their Australian citizenship or residency.