Do You Neglect Your Diet & Nutrition?


Without a healthy diet that gives your body all the nutrition in needs, you cannot be healthy. But what is the best diet? How can we be sure our loved ones are getting the kind of nutrition they need? There are many fad diets out there and many people fall into the trap of dieting in an attempt to become healthier at some stage of their lives. It could be that they are overweight, in which case a diet may be necessary, but unless that diet provides all the nutrition your body needs to function properly – and unless you love it – it won’t be long before you throw it all over and return to your favourite foods, be they ever so unhealthy.

Healthy is happy

In actual fact, you can lose weight while still supplying your body with nutrition, without ever consulting a book on diets. Making sure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, and cut back on sugary desserts and fatty meats is usually enough to give you nutrition, keep you feeling full and give you energy as well. The more energy you have, the more exercise you will do, whether in the form of housework, gardening or taking up a sport.

A good general rule about the food you eat is ‘moderation in all things’. You don’t have to go without chocolates, desserts or even fast foods. You just have to limit them to special occasions or limit the serving size if you want to eat them more frequently. If you have had a large portion of steamed vegetables you won’t be all that hungry afterwards, so eating just a small serving of sweets will not be difficult.

The rocky road of junk food

It is when you start down the rocky road of fast foods or junk foods that your body will miss out on the kind of nutrition it needs. It will send hungry signals to your brain in an attempt to get this nutrition, but it may only get more junk, not the vitamins, proteins and minerals it really needs. Before long, you may be addicted to fat or sugar and find it more difficult to change your diet to a healthy one.

Another problem arises when people are obese. Anyone who is overweight to the extent of being obese will have a large stomach. This will take more food than normal before it feels full and signals your brain that you’ve had enough. That is one reason why it is difficult for obese people to lose weight. It is essential to have foods that are high in fibre because that helps you to feel fuller more quickly.

Another way to trick your stomach into feeling full is to drink lots of water, especially about half an hour before eating. Having a nutritious diet will make you healthier and happier.