Different Kinds Of Garden To Suit Your Lifestyle

Cottage Garden

When you have a beautiful home you also need a beautiful garden to go with it, but not everyone likes or has time for landscaping.  However, you can still have a garden that will both enhance your lifestyle and add value and beauty to your home. It’s just a matter of choosing which kind of garden will suit you and your home. Here are some different types to consider.

  • A nationally themed garden. Many people enjoy overseas holidays and come home with lots of ideas to incorporate into their garden. You can have an Japanese garden, a Balinese garden or mimic a garden from almost any other country. Be careful to choose plants that are suited to your climate and soil though, otherwise they’ll die. Choose lookalike plants if you can’t get the overseas ones and add hardware items such as statues, furniture and water features from the overseas country of your choice.

  • Themed gardens don’t have to be from another country. Choose any theme you like. Ideas might be types of plants, butterfly garden, Victorian or formal garden, a wildlife or wildflower garden, a scented garden or a child friendly garden with sand-pit, swings and a cubby house.
  • A cottage garden is often popular, with a mass of simple flowers such as daisies growing in every corner and not much lawn to care for.
  • Formal gardens suit formal homes, although they are not very eco-friendly because they include a lot of lawn area and that takes up a lot of water. Beautifully shaped trees like conifers, topiary, hedging, carefully planned gardens full of flowers and long pools of water are all found in formal style gardens.
  • Low maintenance gardens are much more popular these days and can include clumps of ornamental grass, minimal gardens with plants that are low maintenance rather than annuals and lots of decorative garden hardware. Pavement with outdoor furniture completes these attractive gardens that are so easy to care for.

Tips for gardens

  • If you have room you could grow several different types of gardens in different areas of your yard.
  • To make them a cohesive whole, repeat certain elements in each section. You can do this with similar coloured hardware, or a path winding through each one. Or you could find plants with similar colours to include in each area.
  • Place plants with similar needs together. If you have one that likes a lot of water next to one that prefers a dry location one of them will not grow well.
  • Some plants are invasive, so need to be kept in pots. You can still bury the pot in the garden and it will contain the roots of the plant and stop them from spreading.