How to Make Your Bed and Breakfast Business More User Friendly

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Bed and Breakfast Business

Providing breakfast in the garden is a unique way to make your B&B more user friendly. Outside furniture in a nook amongst the garden greenery is an ideal place to serve breakfast on a warm summer day.

Many people start up a bed & breakfast accommodation business when they have a nice home with plenty of spare bedrooms.  They get a website designed to show off their property. The smart ones will then get some SEO done on their website to get it ranking high on Google when potential guests search for accommodation online.

People often prefer to stay at a B&B because they can talk to the local person and get more personalised knowledge of the area they are passing through. They can often find out about hidden treasures that are not on any tourist map or advertised widely enough for everyone to know about them.

Some people arrive at such accommodation late in the evening, often after the evening meal eaten elsewhere and they go early in the morning after a quick breakfast. Others like to linger a little longer to enjoy the scenery or a chat with their hostess.  If you have a B&B business, you can make your guests’ stay more enjoyable by adding an outdoor setting to the garden for them to sit and relax, or even have their breakfast at.



Things to do on Holidays

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Ok so you have worked hard all year at the web design studio and it’s time for a holiday – but what do you do on the holiday? Well, there are many things to entertain and amuse you while on holidays and it can be fun to cram in all the activities you can – especially if you have kids.

Many people love to swim and surf, but there are also other things to see and do and it would be a shame to visit another country without seeing at least some of the sights. Before you go on your trip, Google the area to see what it is famous for. Just like Bali is famous for its beaches, luxury villas, beautiful beachside hotels etc. Schedule all those things that interest you into your trip so you don’t miss them.

So what can you do? Here are some tips to make the most of your holidays.

  • Visit museums, art galleries, theatres, and wildlife parks/zoos.
  • Take a tour to visit natural sites such as waterfalls, cliffs, geysers, rivers and other beauty spots.
  • Ride on a tram, a helicopter, an elephant, an emu, a horse and buggy or go in a hot-air balloon. See all the city offers.
  • On the beach you can sunbake, but also swim, ride a jet ski or go in a jet boat with others, go on a ferry or boat tour, snorkel to see the fish or coral.
  • If you are young, strong and adventurous you may want to try some of those way-out activities such as dune surfing, wind surfing, abseiling, caving or climbing.
  • Go shopping, but don’t get ripped off. And remember you have to carry it home or pay freight to have it sent.



Things to do in Bali

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In spite of some negative press in years past, Bali remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for many people, not just Australians looking for a great holiday either backpacking or relaxation in a beautiful Bali villa. However, the cheap air fares and accommodation guarantee that it will remain a popular holiday spot for many Aussie tourists. Once you decide to check out Bali you will find so many things to do and see there that you may have to extend your holiday.

The island of Bali itself has many attractions and the culture is a unique one that gives rise to sites of interest such as the many temples. When these are explored you will find them unlike most other temples due to the distinct ecosystem, with monkeys from the nearby jungle in residence at some.

However, the wildlife parks must have a large spot on your holiday agenda because they, too are distinctive. Even though there are many such places in other countries, they are not quite like the Balinese parks. For instance, you can ride on the elephants or camels at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, one of the islands largest parks. There is also an elephant talent show with these elephants being retired working elephants that are extremely tame.



Tips to Make Travelling Overseas Safer

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Travelling overseas is a favorite way to have a holiday for many people, young and old alike. Especially people from Australia love Bali and Asian destination for their holidays. However, when you go overseas there can be hidden dangers that can cause illness or injury, or somehow spoil your holiday. Here are some must-dos before you travel to make your overseas holiday safer.

  • Take out travel insurance. While it seems like just another way to spend money, it can also save a lot if you should get ill or be injured. You can also insure for loss of clothing and equipment such as phone or tablet, and additional accommodation, should something go wrong with your plans.
  • Plan your trip carefully. Make sure your travel agent chooses accommodation that is in the ‘good’ part of any city and works with overseas agencies for tours or tour guides that can be trusted. Besides, comfortable accommodation will make your stay more pleasant.
  • Choose the planes that are considered to have the best safety record. The extra cost is worth it.
  • Drink only bottled water and make sure you have enough. Make sure you stay hydrated, It is easy to get dehydrated and not realise it, when you are travelling.



8 Tips for a Happy Holiday in Bali

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Bali is often considered the go-to destination for Australians who want to go overseas and have fun, either staying in nice hotels or a villa from Easy Bali Villas – or spending time in homestays on a budget. In fact, many may become so entranced at all on offer that they forget all about the budget. After all, if you are going to have a great holiday, why not spend a little more to make it even more fun?

There are so many things to do and see in Bali that you may not know quite where to start. Here are ten tips to help you make the most of your holiday.

  1. If you are not big on crowds, you will find that Bali has hosts of people because it is such a popular tourist destination. That doesn’t mean you should stay home. You can organise your holiday to take in less popular areas such as the mountains in the central part of Bali or the north and west coasts, where there are fewer people.
  1. Choose a base to suit your preferred lifestyle. Remember the weather will be hot and humid so getting air-conditioned accommodation is a must if you are not used to that climate. If you don’t like chaotic traffic, then choose accommodation on the outskirts of the city. If you are after fine food restaurants, book accommodation near to them.



How to Retain the Romance of Bali

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Romance of Bali

Travelling overseas for a holiday is an exciting time. Many places such as Bali are very popular holiday destinations for Australian tourists, because it is fairly close and we love the friendly Indonesian culture. But rather than forgetting all about it once you return home, why not retain the romance of the region by keeping something of it in your home or garden?

Much outdoor furniture reflects the culture of other countries. While you are in Bali take note of all the wonderful furniture – not in the hotels, but in the Bali villas and other similar accommodations that more truly reflect the Bali lifestyle. Then when you get back home you’ll be able to find similar styles or imports from that country for your own home.