8 Tips to Enjoy Outdoor Living


Most of Australia is lucky in that the warm, temperate climate makes outdoor living very pleasant and to be enjoyed for nine months of the year or more, depending on where you live. Since it is something that most people enjoy whether for entertaining or just relaxing after the evening meal, here are some tips to help you enjoy it more.

  1. If you and your family enjoy dining outdoors, create a space that does not cause a lot of work taking chairs, tables and lighting outside – not to mention food – then bringing it all back in after the meal is over. For instance, an outdoor kitchen on the deck will contain everything you need for a meal and you can even cook outdoors instead of being stuck inside tending to the meal while everyone else enjoys themselves in the cool of the evening.
  1. If the barbeque area is down the backyard, make it more usable and pleasant by adding a shade-cloth, a wind-break if wind is a problem in your area, and pavers or another flooring option to keep your feet dry and clean. That way mud and wet grass won’t be tracked back inside at the end of the meal.

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Finding a Place to Really Relax

outdoor relaxation area

If you have ever been on a luxury yacht, especially one like Amara, designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, you will have seen just how many relaxation and entertainment areas there are.  All are a little different and many areas are designed especially for other cultures where chairs and lounges are not so important, but piles of cushions on the floor or on a large, raised, padded platform provide comfort to anyone wanting to use them.

While many furnishing trends travel from home to ship, sometimes that is reversed, with up-market homes following trends that are seen in luxury yachts, especially the really big ones where opulence is key. Almost any home can be improved with more relaxation areas that offer the ultimate in comfort, whatever that may be to the owners. If you are feeling stressed out and tired, it could be that there is no truly welcoming and comfortable space in your home that calls you in to relax.

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