Big Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Big Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms-img

There is nothing more frustrating than having tiny bathrooms that feel cramped and has little to no storage. However there are ways to turn an uninspiring and small bathroom into a stylish and practical space. These ideas are simple, can often be DIY and are inexpensive. Bathrooms are essential and so too are the many implements and products we store there. But where to store is often the taxing question.

One brilliant solution is to install a medicine cabinet on the walls of tiny bathrooms; these cabinets are slim but capable of holding a variety of products safely. White such cabinets look great and when attached to a wall in your bathroom gives you storage without much if any hindrance. The ideal spot is over the toilet but because of the shallow size of the cabinet, there is little or no chance of banging your head. Just keep the toilet lid down before opening the cabinet!

Many people have small wire baskets hanging on their shower. They are out of the way – usually – but you still need to take the shampoo out of the container and then use both hands to remove enough for your hair washing routine. Why not install a wall mounted unit which is a pump? It puts the products out of the way and because it’s a pump system, you never need handle the container. It’s a brilliant tiny bathrooms idea.

Finally there’s the shower curtain and here we’re talking aesthetical looks as well as utilitarian use for tiny bathrooms. If you buy a shower curtain which is white cotton, you’ll let more light into your room. If you buy one with ball bearings on the rings, you’ll find the curtain moves easily. And if you have the right material then when dirty, you just throw your shower curtain in the wash.