7 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Is A Fun Activity

7 Reasons Why Axe Throwing Is A Fun Activity

If you have never heard of axe throwing and we were to tell you that it is a fun activity we imagine you would think we have gone mad. But we have not, and today, axe throwing is not only a hugely popular fun pastime, but it is also a sport that has its own world championships.

At this stage, you might not in the slightest bit interested in becoming a world champion, but surely the fact that it offers so much fun for many appeals to you. To convince you further, here are seven fun reasons why you should try axe throwing at Axe Throwing Sydney.

  1. Meet New People

Unless your friends, family or colleagues have been talking about axe throwing, when you go to your local axe throwing centre, you are unlikely to know anyone. This is great as you will be meeting new people, some of whom will be beginners like you, and others who are experts, but willing to pass on tips and advice. Either way, it is a great way to make new friends.

  1. Family And Friends Day Out

You be thinking that axe throwing is not the sort of thing your family and friends will enjoy, but they will love it. Be assured that every axe throwing centre adheres to strict safety protocols so everyone in your party will be safe, even if it is their first time. Axe throwing provides an opportunity for a fun day out, and it appeals to all ages, although there are likely to be age restrictions with regards to younger children.

  1. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is undoubtedly fun, although for some it can be frustrating…just ask any golfer. The beauty of axe throwing is that it is not especially difficult to understand the technique. albeit, mastering it is another matter. That is where the fun comes in as you try to get better with each throw.

  1. Bring Out The Competitor In You

Following on from learning a new skill, if you do improve you might choose to enter the competitions which your local axe throwing centre holds. Even if you do feel you are proficient enough just yet, the chance to compete against your friends and family each time you go axe throwing is bound to have those competitive juices flowing.

  1. Relieve Stress

Axe throwing might be perceived as a bit of a ‘macho’ activity, although rest assured there are thousands of woman who love it, and are in fact, highly successful competitors. Even so, the physical action of throwing an axe at a target does allow for a strong release of tension each time, and many people enjoy it for the fact that it actually allows them to lower their stress levels, just like any other sport.

  1. Teamwork

Axe throwing is an excellent opportunity for team leaders, managers, and coaches to create a highly effective team building event and axe centres can provide a whole day’s team building experience. If you want to make your team stronger why not arrange an axe throwing day, or if you a member of the team, be it within a sporting or a business environment, why not ask your manager or coach to arrange one.

  1. Fun With A Difference

This last one is short and sweet, but axe throwing is fun with a difference and a unique experience which anyone you talk to about will be interested in knowing more. Life is for pushing your boundaries and trying new things, so why not start with axe throwing?