7 Dog Grooming Myths You Should Dismiss

People love their dogs passionately which is why whenever subjects like dog grooming are being discussed, their views and beliefs relating to them are often ingrained. Unfortunately, this often leads to dog owners accepting advice about dogs they have been told without checking its validity, presumably because they believe that the person relating this advice being a dog lover would surely know what they are talking about.

The problem that exists is some of the so-called advice about dogs, and particularly about dog grooming, is complete nonsense. Worse, if followed, that erroneous advice can lead to the health of the dog’s coat and skin, and potentially their overall health, being compromised. For that reason, we have decided to highlight 7 of the most common dog grooming myths in the hope that if you currently believe any of them to be true, you will subsequently know to ignore them.

Myth #1 – Short-Haired Dogs Do Not Need Grooming: Simply not true. Whilst they may not have some of the problems that longer-haired dogs have, short-haired dogs still need baths, they still need their nails trimmed, still need their ears cleaned and brushing a short-haired dog regularly is still beneficial to their coat. Having a short-haired dog might be simpler in terms of grooming them but it does not negate the need to groom them completely. You can have help with your grooming at professional places, so you know your dog is in great hands. 

Myth #2 – Dogs With Long Hair Always Shed More: Contrary to this myth, it is the type of coat that a dog has, rather the length of their coat that governs how much they shed. This is why some long-haired dogs shed very little, and some dogs with shorter coats shed considerably. The health of their skin and coat also play a significant role in shedding

Myth #3 – There Are ‘Non-Shedding’ Breeds: All dogs, regardless of their breed and coat type, shed to some degree. Naturally, some will shed more than others, but even within a group of dogs of the same breed, there will be differences in the amount that each individual dog sheds. Stop searching for those non-shedding breeds…they do not exist.

Myth #4 – Dogs Do Not Need Baths More Than Once Or Twice A Year: Another myth, often perpetuated by those who are too lazy to bathe their dogs. We are not saying to bathe your dog every day. However, every dog’s coat and skin will benefit from a regular bath once a month and more often if they get especially dirty or your vet recommends more frequent baths due to a skin condition, for example.

Myth #5 – Human Shampoo Is Safe To Use On Dogs: Shampoos made for humans have different pH levels and if you use them on dogs it can adversely affect their coat and their skin. This can lead to dry, flaky skin and given that there are so many low-cost dog shampoos available there should never be any reason to use human shampoo on your dog.

Myth #6 – Trim A Dog’s Coat Right Down In Summer: This is a prime example of dog owners giving human attributes to a dog. They think that as humans wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer and the reverse in winter, that principle applies to dogs too. Wrong! A dog’s coat is essential in regulating their body temperature so do not cut it in the summer, as this can prevent them from staying as cool as they would have before you trimmed their coat.

Myth #7 – Dogs’ Nails Should Be Left To Trim Down Naturally: Ideally, it would be great if a dog’s nails were kept trimmed without any need for them to be clipped by a groomer. However, this is not always possible, so if you see your dog’s mails getting too long, or you hear them clicking on the floor, do not just hope for the best. Take them to a groomer who can trim their nails, allowing them to walk safely and without any discomfort.