5 Tips For Marketing To Your Strengths

Online Marketing

Online marketing for law firms and lawyers has become something of a topic of discussion among marketing consultants in recent years. Law firm marketing can be quite expensive, and this often prevents small or start-up firms from making the most of their marketing budgets.

Slinky Digital advise that instead of throwing money at digital marketing blindly, you should think carefully to make sure that you are getting the most value out of your efforts. You need to market to your strengths, and the following 5 tips should help you do just that:

  1. Employ Someone To Do The Things You Can’t

Instead of wasting a lot of time and money learning a new skill – such as coding or video editing – that you are going to use very rarely, be smart about it and pay someone to do the things that you can’t. Sure, you might be on a tight budget, but the time you would spend doing something you don’t know how to do would be much better spent elsewhere.

  1. Focus On The Things You Can Do Well

If you have experience in some aspects of digital marketing, focus on them for your law firm. Just because SEO, AdWords, and social media marketing exist – among others – doesn’t mean that you have to use them all. For example, if you’re good at and enjoy Financial Planning or writing, focus on content marketing, and share this content on your social media platforms.

  1. Use The Rest Of Your Team

If you work as part of a team, then you need to learn to make use of your team members. Don’t think that you have to do everything on your own – in fact, just the opposite is true. If one person one your team is a social media guru, let them take care of social media marketing. Let someone else take care of tweaking your website, while you do the things that you’re good at.

  1. Before You Start Something, “Hire Yourself”

That’s right, hire yourself for a job. Assess your skills and ask yourself if someone else would hire you for the job you’re thinking about doing. If you answer yes, that’s great – go ahead and do it. However, if you answered no, then you need to think about employing someone to help you, even if it’s just part time.  

  1. Build On The Things You’re Good At

Instead of throwing money at things like Search Engine Marketing and Google AdWords to try and make them work, focus on the things that you’re good at. For example, if you’re good at talking to people on social media, focus on social media marketing. Learn how to create engaging content that people react to, and learn the ins and outs of different social media platforms.

Final Word

Trying to market your own law firm can be difficult. Although it may seem like you have to learn about all of the different types of marketing, you absolutely don’t! Focus on your strengths, employ people to do the things that you absolutely can’t, and above all, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to use every single type of online marketing.