5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Not everyone has the time or ability to landscape their backyard, but when you take care to make the most of it, your property will suddenly be worth a great deal more. Besides, landscaping your property gives it street appeal and makes you proud of the place you call home. If you don’t have much creativity when it comes to landscape design, here are 5 simple ideas to help you out.

  • Got an awkward corner that is difficult to mow? Convert it into a garden. Dig out the grass or poison it, then add shrubs and plants, making sure you plant the largest ones at the back. Cover the soil in between with organic mulch such as lawn clippings or wood chips to keep the weeds out. While mature plants will give you an instant garden, using those that are still young will most likely give you more success as they adapt to being transplanted more easily. Landscapers Sydney suggest you choose a variety of leaf shapes such as long thin ones and round or wide ones to give visual appeal.
  • Enclose the garden with an attractive edging – there are many on the market these days. This helps to keep the lawn grass from growing into the garden area. You can also make a living border with edging plants that grow in thick clumps or mounds. You can even have an edging of annuals so there will be a different look for each season. Mounding petunias or pansies will look fantastic.

  • Add a path. A path will take anyone who walks on it into different areas of the garden. It is especially useful for larger yards that are full of mature plants and other garden hardware that is attractive. A path can take you to a seat under a tree or a feature such as a fountain, statue or special plant. Paths that are made from stepping stones are not difficult to make, but you can simply lay down a strip of black plastic and cover it with woodchips for an easy and budget-friendly path.
  • It’s fun to spend time out in the backyard garden and adding a table and chairs will help you enjoy it all the more. You can take your morning coffee or a crossword out there and enjoy the birds singing while your toddler discovers the many wonderful things in the garden. Use hardwood or metal for your garden furniture as softwood tends to rot quickly.
  • Adding a deck to the home is not always possible, but you can add a square of pavers and decorate it with pot-plants and furniture to create an outdoor space that is attractive and relaxing. Grow small creeping plants in between the pavers to help keep weeds out.