12 Tips to Protect Your Carpet from Pets

Many households have one or more pets they allow into the house, especially in the town or a city, where there are no wide open spaces for them to play safely. Dogs, cats and other pets often become a part of the family and can add a great deal to your enjoyment of life. But when they mess on the carpet your joy will be dimmed, especially if it is a new one. So how can you protect your carpet from your pets and avoid endless home carpet cleaning bills? Here are some tips to help you: –

  • If your pet sleeps inside, make sure they have their own bedding rather than sleeping on the carpet. This can be placed in the family room until everyone goes to bed, then removed to the bathroom or laundry and the door shut to prevent your pet wandering around the house during the night and possibly leaving an oopsie behind.
  • Have a mat at each door entrance that the pet uses so that when they come in from outside, a lot of dirt from their paws will be left behind on the mat. One with some pile will help to rub dirt off from under their claws and between their pads.

  • Keep your dog’s claws clipped so that they don’t catch the threads of the carpet. If you haven’t yet put the carpet in, choose one with cut pile so that the loops won’t catch on those claws.
  • Teach your dog or cat to go outside to prevent accidents on the carpet. Cats are easy enough to train; they usually love to use a litter tray right from when they are kittens. Dogs, not so much, but they can be trained. You can even purchase a doggy pee carpet for them that many seem to like.
  • If you go out for the day, leave your dog outside. The fresh air and sunshine are good for him and it will save wear and tear on the carpet.
  • Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to remove pet hair, dander, dirt and dust. Leaving dirt particles in the carpet can cause it to age as dirt is abrasive and can wear the fibres out.
  • If your pet is a cat, make sure it has its own mat to scratch and sharpen its claws on. Or buy a scratching pole for it. Having plenty of toys to play with will help to keep it from wanting to scratch the carpet.
  • Groom your pet with a brush regularly. Not only will this be a bonding time for you both, it will help to keep the hair out of the carpet.
  • When the weather is wet and your pet has been out in it, wipe their feet and belly with a soft, dry rag or towel. This will keep dirt and moisture away from the carpet.
  • Keep your pet’s food and drink on a hard floor surface, not on the carpet.
  • Having the carpet professionally shampooed on an annual basis can keep it looking like new for longer and get rid of pet dander that tends to built up and create an allergy problem.
  • Don’t play rough games with them on the carpet; keep them for outside. This will help to prevent the wear and tear doggie claws often cause in the carpet.