10 Kitchen Trends

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of your home and the kitchen is one room which reveals your personality and your style. With the year about to end, let’s look back at the top kitchen trends for 2013. According to the design experts at the lifestyle channel, here are the top 10 Australian kitchen trends:

High-Tech: If you like to keep up with the latest kitchen trends in design, gadgets and style then your cooking HQ will almost certainly have LED lighting and the latest in hidden hi-tech gadgets. Pop-up range hoods and dishwashers hidden behind kitchen cabinetry are all common design elements in new and upcoming kitchens.

Retro: Of course modern kitchen trends can include older styles in the ‘everything old is new again’ situation. There’s nothing like a touch of retro to show how modern you really are.

Outdoor: Another positive trend in 2013 involves alfresco dining. People have taken the kitchen or parts of their kitchen outdoors. The latest BBQ equipment is always a plus for the fussy diner. Outdoor fridges and wine racks add a stylish and super practical plus to your food preparation on the patio.

Compact: Space is valuable, especially in an apartment, therefore all-in-one and compact appliances and options have become a fast rising trend. These compact and more tech options mean that the homeowner no longer has to compromise on technology due to limited space.

White: Forget the plain boring white that you are probably so familiar with, thanks to a reinvigorated white tint, designers are now putting the ‘white’ back into ‘whitegoods’. White fridges and dishwashers, paired with touches of stainless steel are creating an element of crispness in contemporary kitchen trends.

Black: For a modern and sophisticated look, black is taking the market by storm. From glossy black fridges, dishwashers and appliances to cast iron trivets on cooktops – black is certainly back.

Family: Space and safety are important trends this year. Bigger fridges offer greater capacity for growing families and devices with safety features are in demand. Child locks on dishwashers and sleek glass fronts to oven doors show how style and safety go hand in hand.

Country: People often talk about the ideal country style kitchen and one trend this year has been towards upright cookers ideal for the Sunday roast.

Industrial: Statement range hoods matched with large cookers and ovens has been the choice of industrial-type cooking equipment for the domestic kitchen. For longer wearing equipment and more precision in your cooking, top quality industrial goods are in demand.

Modern: Finally the use of pyrolitic ovens is on the rise. They look great in a contemporary kitchen with their sleek lines and sparkling efficiency. Stainless steel combined with some of the latest in kitchen trends and innovation is being put together to produce a modern space.